25 May, 2010


A word on nuts-
They last for ages if kept in an airtight container, they're good for snacking and they're excellent additions to your meals, and they're even good for you.

If you have the space and you cook often, I recommend making nuts a staple in your pantry.

The most important four in my home are almonds, pecans, walnuts and peanuts.  But if you have other favorite nuts, it's nice to have them on hand.  Feeling a bit hungry before you start cooking?  A handful of delicious nuts is a good way to curb your hunger while you make dinner proper, without pigging out on chips or candy.

An old pasta sauce jar is an ideal place to store your nuts.  Class containers like those jars are airtight, and eliminate more moisture than plastic.

Other excellent nuts and seeds:
Sunflower seeds
Pistachios- in OR out of the shell, but always undyed!

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