02 June, 2010

How to Prepare a Leek

Organic Scotland Leek - 340 Seeds - HeirloomLeeks are delicious.  And yet, most of my cooking friends fear them.  Why?  "They're hard to clean," say my friends.  Phooey, say I!  "You can only eat part of them so it's a waste," say my friends.  Bah humbug!  The leek is a delicious plant, and you can eat nearly the whole thing.  Silly friends- eat your leeks!

How to Prepare a Leek
Slice off the root covered end.  You only need slice off as much as a quarter inch of leek.

Slice the leek into rounds, you can use both the white and a great deal of the green leafy parts.  You will note that there is a lot of dirt and grime in between the leaves- don't worry about that just yet.

Stop slicing when the dark green tops of the leaves begin to seem tough or dry.  Unless a recipe specifically says otherwise, you can use the greens in your dishes.

Leeks - 25 Plants - Allium porrum - Herb/VeggieNow the secret- fill a large bowl or a CLEAN sink with cold water.  Dump all your sliced leeks into the water, and swish them around for a minute or two.  Break apart the rings of the leeks gently as you swirl the leeks through the water.  Then let the leeks sit for another minute, and remove leeks from the water by the handful, shaking out the extra water.  The water that remains should be cloudy and slightly green.

Congratulations!  You have prepared your leeks!

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